CT Scans and Diagnostic Imaging

Jefferson County Hospital is proud to announce CT scans and the availability of diagnostic imaging. CT scans provide more detailed images than plain x-rays, and your doctor may order them if you or a loved one has internal injuries or trauma which may result after a car accident or other injuries. Next time your doctor orders testing, save yourself a drive, and by getting your CT done at JCH.


Emergency Room Services

When there is an emergency, whether you arrive by ambulance or car, the wait is never long for life-saving acute care, diagnostic tests including CT scans, as well as other treatments performed by our team of medical experts. If you are experiencing any type of emergency we have licensed, certified staff as well as board-certified physicians with CT scans and other diagnostic equipment available to quickly diagnose and treat your medical condition. In extreme cases, Jefferson County Hospital will stabilize and prepare patients for transport to critical care facilities. We are only minutes away and our staff is ready to serve you.

photo of nurse giving medication to senior patient

Geriatric Psychiatry Unit

Our geriatric psych unit provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for individuals ages 50 and older who are experiencing emotional, cognitive, or behavioral symptoms.